Flower Chandelier

The garden, the terrace or the veranda are wonderful places to enjoy in the summer. A flower chandelier with summer flowers and materials makes for a festive and cosy atmosphere.


Vintage flower lamp by Moniek Vanden Berghe ©PSGstudios.be

What you need

  • Delphinium, larkspur
  • Rosa ‘Angie Romantica Yellow’, rose
  • Lathyrus odoratus, Sweet pea
  • Tropaeolum majus, nasturtium
  • Bryonia, briony
  • Tagetes erecta,
  • African marigold
  • Foeniculum, fennel
  • Matricaria, roman camomile
  • 2 metal circles
  • Raffia
  • White rope/Natural fibre
  • White fabric strips
  • 2 OASIS® rings

How you do it

A cross and a transverse rod are welded onto the largest circle so that it can be hung. Cover both circles with raffia.

The inner (smallest) circle is wrapped in a crisscross fashion with natural fibres or rope, so that you get a lattice. This lattice is secured on the bottom to the cross on the largest circle.

Attach two floral foam rings to the lattice, one on top and one underneath. These rings are soaked beforehand. Strips of fabric are hung in long loops on the outermost circle.

Insert the briony tendrils in the foam wreath at the top so they cascade down.

Add the remaining flowers in the two floral foam rings. The Delphiniums are suspended vertically. The nasturtiums are inserted in vials and hung between the flowers with thin, almost invisible wire.

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