Flower Exhibition ‘Hoogstraten’ by Tom De Houwer

The flower exhibition in Hoogstraten (Belgium) took a different tack this year. Designer Tom De Houwer created one great work of art for the 22nd edition. Assisted by 30 enthusiastic volunteers, the master florist created a floral design that was beautifully represented in a video.

This year would normally have been the 22nd edition of the flower exhibition Hoogstraten in Groenten & Bloemen [Hoogstraten in Vegetables & Flowers] in Belgium. Thirty new designs were on the agenda, by master florist Tom De Houwer and his students from all over the world. But then the pandemic came. In the beginning, the organisation still had hope. “Reality, however, hit step by step: no exhibition as we know it this year”, says Guy Rigouts (tourism Hoogstraten). “But we didn’t want to give up just like that. The idea to create an alternative exhibition continued to grow. The need for connectedness was felt more than ever.”

Tom De Houwer – contributor to the Fleur Creatif Magazine and the international flower event Fleuramour – has been the driving force behind this exhibition for years. This year, together with the organisation, he opted for one spectacular floral project. One that is definitely worth seeing. An example of technique, beauty and art. Traditionally with flowers and vegetables. The result of his work is beautifully depicted in a floral movie, provided with matching music by musician Florejan Verschueren and beautiful words by city poet Michiel Van Opstal.

2020 to the 22nd power

About the design – by Tom De Houwer:

From the source of eternal life, water, fruits float that carrying the seeds of the future to the lake that is the canvas for the co-creation of all moving components that shape the bigger picture. The aim of the new life is to be and to create connections, through beauty. Beauty is created and experienced in between the subtle shifts of the expected and the unexpected.
The attentive viewer will initially see beautiful harmonious and slightly predictable movements arising from the movement of the spheres. The symbol of what we experience as harmony. Then unexpected chaos ensues. The chaos of the external factor, the change. When we look further patiently we see new patterns, structures and harmonies emerge and then return to the predictable harmony, a new beauty in connection. New life, a different life from the source, for the source, through the source, and back to the source.

One power higher each time to the next level. This was 2020 to the 22nd power. Will you come and see next year, 2021 to the 23rd power?


Watch the virtuel edition of Hoogstraten in Groenten en bloemen 2020 here:

Concept & Design : Tom De Houwer
Music : Florejan Verschueren
Artistic realization : Volunteers VVV Hoogstraten (led by Tom De Houwer)
Technical Realization : Technical crew city Hoogstraten, volunteers VVV Hoogstraten (led by Maarten Leemans & Gust Goetschalckx)
Camera and montage : Jurgen Geevels
Coordination Volunteers: Jacqueline Van den Heuvel
Project coordination: Ann Leemans

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