Flower Expo Ukraine : large number of Dutch companies (17-19 April)

Flower Expo Ukraine takes place annually at the International Exhibition Centre (IEC) in Kiev and for this year the dates are set from 17-19 April.

Once again a very large number of Dutch companies will be present at Flower Expo Ukraine and a large part of these companies will exhibit within the Holland Pavilion organised by FlowerFame.


TopFlower BV (formerly Holland Flower Partners) and Blooming jointly carry the FlowerFame concept and since 2006 the company has been active at the Moscow Flowers and Flower Expo Ukraine exhibitions.

For Flower Expo Ukraine 2018 the Holland Pavilion will also be the host of the Flower Circus booth in which a number of Dutch growers will be presented with a product presentation in addition to on-going flower demonstrations given at this Flower Circus booth.

Flower Circus is travelling around the world with their shows and their Flower Magicians entertain and inspire florists with beautiful commercial floral arrangements.

As every year FlowerFame is the organiser of the flower demonstrations on the main stage, which will take place during all three days of the exhibition. These flower demonstrations have become a major attraction point of the exhibition and attract florists and other industry professionals from all parts of Ukraine.

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