Flower Planet Becomes The Jewel Of Fleuramour

Do you know the ninth planet in our solar system? Come and discover it exclusively at Fleuramour, the world-famous flower festival in Belgium!

The Ninth Planet

Women come from Venus, men from Mars, and together we have been living on Mother Earth for eons. But, if we are to believe the Italian floral artist Angelica Lacarbonara, our future is to be found on a planet light years away. A place without hunger and war, where flowers and plants grow lush, where harmony dominates. A dreamscape she would love to share with you.


Angelica Lacarbonara

The showpiece of Fleuramour 2019 will be on display in the Court of Honour of the Alden Biesen castle: a mythical place, where the likes of Tomas De Bruyne, vice world champion Natalia Zhizhko and natural-born artist Tom De Houwer moved people to tears. So get ready for a new masterpiece.

Goose Bump Moment

Goose bump moments and fireworks at Fleuramour are a given. Angelica Lacarbonara took on a personal challenge: ‘In my debut year, Fleuramour was above all an experience, it has since grown into a personal challenge. You can say it’s a race of Angelica versus Angelica. Not to prove myself to others. I just want to challenge myself.’

Former Design by Angelica Lacarbonara, Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers 2018

Space Will Play An Important Role This Year. ‘In recent years, flowers have always been compactly presented in geometric shapes. In the present and the future, flowers burst into full bloom. They can go into space,’ says Angelica Lacarbonara, who is also a head docent of a florist school in southern Italy.

‘There I teach the florists of tomorrow to classify the spaces in positive and negative, with the positive spaces containing flowers and the negative spaces remaining empty.’

Other Headliners

In the church, Frank Timmerman and Peter Boeijkens play with the sunlight, where the stained glass windows will illuminate their flower wall in an enchanting way. Another eye catcher this year is a colourful solar system with floral planets by Olga Sharova from Russia while Kristina Rimiené from Lithuania forges a flower gate to the future.

Céline Moreau from Belgium portrays her worries about the future of the Earth with a magical but disturbing underwater landscape with endangered jellyfish and plastics. Compatriot Linda Huguenay considers recycling as a bridge between the present and the future. In total, more than 100 floral compositions will be on display.

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  • 18 Sep 2019 at 00:36

    This is such a wonderful concept – I wish i could move to this planet today.


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