Flower Styling Will Be the Trend of 2022

There are several reasons why FLEUR predicts that flower styling will become a trend in 2022. It brings us closer to nature; it lowers our stress level and is a total social media trend. 

It is also an activity suitable for all ages. It gives us… 

more moments of relaxation 

a sense of accomplishment  

Flower styling – a modern way of describing what used to be called floral arranging in the 80s and 90s – is definitely having a moment right now, even with young people. There are homemade field bouquets in a beautiful vase, flower arrangements in all shapes and sizes, as well as rings of dried flowers. 

The reasons for its popularity 

1. Flower styling brings us closer to nature ??? 


A flower arrangement ©Shutterstock

Flower styling is the perfect way to work with the most beautiful natural materials at home. Now that we spend so much time indoors, we can really use that contact with the outside world.

A flower wreath ©Shutterstock

Research has shown that people feel happier with flowers in their living environment. They even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. We can all use some of nature’s healing touch, especially in these demanding times of corona where our social lives and mental well-being are under constant pressure. That is why flower styling is the ideal after work activity, on weekends or… during quarantine.  

A bouquet ©Shutterstock

2. Flower styling lowers our stress level ?➡?


Flower styling is the way to get rid of the excess stress that we all feel due to the Corona virus. It’s a sort of mindfulness, to be really focused on one thing and tune out all the rest of your worries and cares. Even neurologists now promote the importance of this stress-reducing attention to detail.  

The principle is as simple as it is effective: just focus your attention on every day, simple objects or situations around you (which you would otherwise just pass by), become aware of the shape, colour or feeling they evoke, see the beauty of the materials and forget all your worries for a moment. With flower styling, you are constantly focused on the flowers and materials (you’ll discover beautiful shades of colour and shape details) and you need to really concentrate on making it a seductive piece. 

More than ever, we want to get rid of the stress we experience from being cooped up at home

3. Flower styling is a perfect social media trend ?? 

Whether you are a fan of social media or not, in this digitised world, we are reminded daily through social media of beauty (‘the perfect picture’) and of the opinions of others. That may sound negative, yet Instagram and Facebook are wonderful outlets for millions of people to connect with the outside world, which we now miss so much.  

Thanks to social media, more and more young people are also discovering the beneficial effect of this relaxing hobby where they can make a beautiful fantasy piece at home, share it with the rest of the world and get nice reactions and likes on it too. That’s all we need in 2022!   

Want any proof of its popularity? Search on Instagram for the hashtags #flowerstyling #floraldesign #flowerdesign #flowerart #floralart #flowerarranging #floralarranging  

Flower styling is the perfect hobby in corona time 

Immerse yourself in this passion! ?? 


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