Cool Combination: Flowers & Arts

Artists can turn emotions into (floral) creations. What can’t be conveyed by words alone can be conveyed with (floral) art.

We live in a digital word. The internet of things, artificial intelligence, online communications and web shops are responsible for our gradual alienation from the real world. And yet people have an intense need for tangibility, beauty, a wonderful scent, life…

The wonderful world of art offers some great answers here. Art is real, tangible. The colour, scent and texture of flowers act in a similar fashion.

‘Flowers to Arts’ Exhibition

Flowers can engage art. The Swiss art association Flowers to Arts and the Aargauer Kunsthaus are eager to do just that.

For the fifth time, they have organised the ‘Flowers to Arts’ exhibition. Fourteen passionate floral artists take on the challenge and create a floral piece in response to a work of art.

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