Focus on wax

Wax is a material that is frequently used in flower arranging. But what exactly can you do with it? Our Fleur Créatif floral artist Sören Van Laer experiments with wax in combination with vegetative materials and winter flowers.

Sören Van Laer

What you need

  • Helleborus orientalis
  • Rosa, rose twigs
  • dried twigs
  • fluffy seedheads from various flowers
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Cable ties
  • Candle wax, cooker and pot
  • Flat shells
  • Drill with small bit
  • OASIS® floral foam
  • OASIS®quick dip
  • Water tubes
  • Snow (powder)

How you make it

  • Attach the flat shells to each other with small white cable ties.
  • Continue until you get the desired shape.
  • Make some holes and use nuts and bolts to give supporting legs.
  • Heat some white candle wax and pour it over the whole structure so that it becomes waterproof.
  • Place the floral foam in the centre and arrange the dried twigs.
  • Push water tubes into the floral foam.
  • Dip the stem ends of the hellebores in Quick Dip and insert in the tubes.
  • Finish off with snow and fluffy seedheads to create a magical landscape.

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