Fragnant love letters on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Your heart flip-flops at the thought of February 14th. Flowers, kisses and the sweet murmur of romance. Send a romantic love letter as a personal gift on Valentine’s Day.

Old-school romance

Whatever happened to the days of French penpals, letters to grandparents, and declarations of love from the shy boy in class? If the thought of receiving envelopes addressed to you makes you feel warm and glowing, then luckily Valentine’s Day is upon us, so there’s no reason not to indulge in the nostalgic act of letter-writing.

Rituals of the past

The old rituals of sending letters makes us want to rush upstairs and dig out our old fountain pen: choosing the best writing paper, practicing your finest handwriting and then adding a personal touch with a spritz of your favourite perfume so that your crush may recognise you by its scent. This year, why not indulge in the romance of a love letter, with a contemprary, floral twist.

Say it with flowers

Good presentation makes all the difference when it comes to writing heartfelt letters. Choose a beautiful writing paper with a flower illustration or use pressed petals to brighten up the message. It could be traditional rose petals or a sprig of lavender, or something a little more unusual, such as the symbolic petals of the Alstroemeria or a colourful sprig of winter heather. Seal the envelope, stamp and address it, and pop it in the post box. You’re away!

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  • 1 Dec 2020 at 19:56

    The love letters are the most lovely thing on the Valentine day. Every lover wants to send love letter to their loved ones. Here, this article is ideal for me as it provides information about fragrant love letters.


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