Freesia: delicious scent in your bouquet

February is bursting with elegance. The freesia’s cheerful petals always look perfectly styled. Consumers can read all about this multifaceted flower which offers abundant choice in terms of colour, shape and size.


The freesia symbolises unconditional love. Traditionally you give white freesias to your spouse after seven years of marriage, as a reminder of pure, genuine love. The beautiful fragrance of the comb of flowers lends an extra dimension to this. The freesia also symbolise innocence.

Colours, shapes and fragrance

The freesia’s tuber forms small tubers under the soil, which are called beads. These beads grow into a full tuber and ultimately into a comb with flowers which lends extra style to any home. And freesias even carry on growing merrily in the vase! The freesia can be single or double flowered and comes in white, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink and purple, but can also be bi-coloured or multi-coloured. Many varieties have a beautiful sweet scent which makes freesias even more attractive.   

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