Furious Italian singer destroys roses on stage

The stomachs of many music and flower lovers turned at the San Remo music festival in Italy on Tuesday night. Due to a technical malfunction, singer Blanco could not hear his own voice and then the candidate decided to destroy the beautiful flowers on stage…

The prestigious San Remo festival is considered the Italian preliminary round to the Eurovision Song Contest. Blanco represented his country last year at the biggest international song festival, where he and singer Mahmood came sixth.

His guest appearance this year went less smoothly. While singing his new song ‘The Island of Roses’, Blanco could not hear his voice in his earpiece, after which he gesticulated to the sound engineers for help. This did not help, after which Blanco stopped singing and cooled his anger on the stage furniture, destroying the flower arrangements with roses one by one, to the anger of the Italian audience who started booing him.

The presenter tried to rub the sponge over the incident, but that could not nip the verbal protest in the bud. “I couldn’t hear my voice and I decided to have some fun anyway,” was the singer’s dubious response. The promised retake later in the evening did not happen, to standing ovation from the audience.

Watch Blanco destroy the roses (from 1:20)

No roses without thorns: the popular Italian singer has lost a lot of sympathy in his country. “Totally disrespectful behaviour,” is one of hundreds of negative comments on news sites and social media. “You don’t vandalise something as beautiful as flowers. Full stop.”

Would the singer bring flowers at his next performance to make up for it?

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