Get to know master floral artist Marianna Debchinskaya

Marianna Debchinskaya is a master floral artist and the Ukrainian candidate for the 2021 European Championships in Poland. Together with Alena Dudaeya (photographer) and Kamynina Tamara (make-up artist) she created an inspiring calendar with pictures of floral hairstyle arrangements. Get to know this floral artist now!

About Marianna Debchinskaya

Marianna Debchinskaya graduated from floral art shool “A-Z” and gained a master florist qualification. Since 2020, she is director and creator of the floral design studio “Floreal” (Kyiv, Ukraine). She has done a lot of competitions and is the coordinator of the festival “Love in the castle St. Miklos” and organizes a lot of exhibitions.

“It has been my dream to take part in the Europa Cup since 1998, when I first visited this competition in Linz (Austria). My biggest task is to become the leader of the European Cup so that Ukrainian floristry can reach international level. I would like to get to know with as many florists from different countries as possible.”

One of the biggest floral events in the world

The Europa Cup of Floristry will take place on 16-17-18 April 2021 in Poland. The best florists from the farthest corners of the globe come to participate in this championship. In 2021, the Europa Cup will be inspired by music, not just the senses of sight, smell and touch. Florists taking part in the championship’s 6 tasks will have the opportunity to relate to their individual musical preferences, as well as to highlight their cultural identity.

The Europa Cup 2021 is not just a top-level floristry competition. It is a massive get-together that offers many other happenings alongside: floral shows by outstanding florists, discussion panels and seminars, workshops for children and much more.

Floral hairstyle arrangements

When we contacted Marianne Debchinskaya to get to know her and her work better, she sent us some pictures of floral hairstyle arrangements. We were truly impressed by this work and wanted to know more about it.

Marianne elaborates: “The idea for these creations and photos actually came about in a very spontaneous way. Together with my friends – also floral artists – we were busy preparing the decoration of a friend’s wedding. We were weaving Typha and that’s how the first floral hat came into being. We took pictures of it and the result of that photo session exceeded all our expectations. We decided to create an inspiring calendar together with Alena Dudaeya as a photographer and Kamynina Tamara as a make-up artiste showcasing twelve flowery hats. It was a fruitful collaboration between three professionals from different domains.”

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