Get to Work with Hellebore | DIY

Hellebore is a flower that radiates ‘joie de vivre’. Do you want to get started with the beautiful winter rose yourself? Try this design richly filled with Helleborus.

What you need


  • Helleborus niger, Christmas rose
  • Skimmia japonica, Japanese skimmia
  • Gossypium, cotton plant fruit
  • Musa, banana leaf
  • Kindbergia praelonga, common feather moss


  • Bowl
  • OASIS® Ideal
  • Tracing paper
  • Paraffin
  • Water vials
  • Glue

How you make it

Follow the step-by-step instructions and make this floral design yourself.

1. Coat the outside of a bowl with pieces of dried banana bark.
2. Fill the bowl with floral foam and cover the foam with moss.
3. Make ‘cones’ out of tracing paper, close them with glue and dip them in paraffin. This will give the arrangement a wintry effect.
4. Insert the cones into the floral foam. Insert the filled water vials and arrange the Hellebore, Skimmia and cotton plant flowers.
5. Finish with some moss.

Have fun! ?

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