Gregor Lersch | Bouquet with red flowers

In Germany there is a tradition of Advent and Christmas Creations. Gregor Lersch has spread this tradition worldwide. His professional knowledge of special techniques and special materials is also central to this winter creation.

The photo above is a close-up and shows the inside of the basket-shaped composition below. This red, concave-shape bouquet is made using twigs and thin willow branches forming a coarse mesh into which pine needles of various lengths can then be woven without the need for a wire mesh.

Gregor Lersch

Red amaryllis and red roses are at the centre of the composition. Around the open flowers, you can see a collection of leucadendron seeds and the green of the fragrant false pepper plant.

Gregor Lersch

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  • 5 Jan 2020 at 09:15

    Love love this list! recently found that preserved roses like La Fleur De Luxe last longer


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