Growing Line, Inspired design

Urban gardening is an international trend of returning to nature that many people follow to make their environment more colourful and enjoyable.

Thanks to a highly innovative concept, Growing Line offers great flexibility in making city dwellers rediscover the pleasure of having nature at hand. This functional infinite box for plants made of soft fabric can be cut to any desired length to realise individual gardening projects. In the sense of a French garden or a colourful mandala garden, it can be used to easily create curves as well as green labyrinths. As a variable planter, Growing Line can be used for cultivation on larger surfaces, but can just as easily serve for the small-scale cultivation of herbs on the window sill. Intuitive to assemble and thus perfectly suited for easy gardening, it consists of a fully recyclable, single-walled geotextile fabric with plant-supporting properties. It helps plants to grow as it maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water.

Tear-, abrasion- and frost-resistant, a layer of felt protects the roots, limits evaporation and distributes water. In addition, it is also permeable to let the soil breathe and the water flow out. Thanks to a pioneering and well-thought-out design, Growing Line makes it easy to create inspiring and pleasant green spaces anywhere.

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