Jan de Ridder | A Luminous Star

Symbols play an important role in our lives. The luminous star is a symbol of eternity, of light in the darkness and therefore of hope. Create your own star in the example of Jan de Ridder.

Jan de Ridder


  • Ranunculus, buttercup
  • Salix, willow branches
  • Thin pliable styrofoam
  • Battery-powered LED lights
  • Bottle
  • Water vials



  • Cut an open star shape out of styrofoam. Wrap the star with LED lights.
  • Make little bundles of willow branches by winding a few branches with metal wire so that you can bend your ‘new branch’ in any desired shape.
  • Insert a couple of branches into a weighted bottle, attach the star to it and bend the twigs so that you get an undulating motion.
  • Finish with some buttercups that can be inserted in the water vials attached to the back of the star.

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