Katy Perry Reveals New Song Wearing A Floral Gown

On the 5th of March Katy Perry released her “Never Worn White” music video in which she revealed that she’s expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Thanks to botanical artist Kristen Alpaugh, Katy Perry was covered in flowers from head to toe.

In her new music video, Katy Perry wore an entire dress build of flowers. This enormous floral dress was designed by Kristen Alpaugh, who chose to use flowers in pink, blue, and metallic shades. Together with five other floral artists Kristen Alpaugh worked on this dress. Among many other flowers, she used Anthurium, Katy Perry’s favourite.

Kristen Alpaugh, creator and founder of FLWR PSTL, is pushing boundaries in floral design to the highest level of art and fashion. Get inspired by some of her other eye-catching projects and follow the artist on Instagram (@flwrpstl) for even more stunning floral designs.


For those who want to watch the full music video of “Never Worn White” by Katy Perry.

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