Keukenhof not permitted to open

The management of Keukenhof is angry that the government is not allowing the flower park to open in 2021. “It is incomprehensible that you can walk in any park in the Netherlands, but not in Keukenhof, which is 32 hectares in size”.

The Netherlands is still in lockdown because of the corona virus. “During the last few weeks we have made preparations to be able to open Keukenhof. We have had many consultations with various authorities because we are convinced that the park can open safely to please many visitors.”

“Unfortunately on March 10 we were reported that Keukenhof is not permitted to open the park for visitors the 20th of March. This is very disappointing for all those involved who have worked for a year preparing Keukenhof.”

The park covers 32 hectares (50 football pitches) and has 15 kilometres of hiking trails.

“As soon as it is possible to open the park, Keukenhof will do so. We are ready to receive visitors in a responsible and safe manner in a beautiful flowering spring park. Of course you will see a lot of Keukenhof on TV and social media in the near future.”


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