Legumes and paper | Contrast with nature

Paper in the form of flowers or a paper container are an added value for the creation in combination with leguminous plants (clover species, peas …). In this floral design, paper flowers are in contrast with nature.

What do you need?

List of botanicals:

  • Lathyrus ‘Sunshine Navy’, sweet pea
  • Wisteria sinensis, Chinese wisteria

List of non-botanical materials: 

  • Teak ball
  • Iron ring
  • OASIS® Rustic Grapevine Wire
  • Paper flowers, homemade

How do you make it?

You can make this beautiful summer design yourself in only 4 steps!

  1. Wrap the iron ring with Rustic Wire.
  2. Attach the ring to a hole in the teak ball.
  3. Make a grid out of Rustic Wire in the ring and insert the glass water vials.
  4. Fill them with water and Wisteria sinensis (Chinese wisteria), Lathyrus ‘Sunshine Navy’ (sweet pea) and the paper flowers.

Well done! Enjoy your floral arrangement.

This floral design was created by Stijn Cuvelier. Curious about more floral arrangements? Order Fleur Creatif now!

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