Magnificent! 🤩 The Mayflower Floral Installation at The Royal Museums of Fine Arts

A must-see! Cyril Lowet from Mayflower has created a breathtaking floral installation with 1,740 branches of Gypsophila, especially for the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Photographs: « Jungle Genius Studio » Candice Deturck 📸 @junglegeniusstudio @candphotographys

Cyril Lowet of @mayflower.uccle used a total of 1,740 branches of absorption-dyed Gypsophila to make the masterpieces for the event.

  • Cyril Lowet – Photo by © Jungle Genius Studio / Candice Deturck

‘This event at the @fineartsbelgium exhibition had been planned for more than a year, then postponed fewer than 24 hours before the deadline owing to COVID! We were ready! All the assembling had been done. One part had already been loaded in the van and suddenly … what a let-down!’  

  • Cyril Lowet – Photo by © Jungle Genius Studio / Candice Deturck

‘One year later, we’re back at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium for a final adjustment. For us, everything had already been wrapped up. All we had to do was do what we did last year, at least until we came face to face with @charleskaisin’s giant origami, which sweeps upwards as light as air.’  

  • By Mayflower / Cyril Lowet – Photo by © Jungle Genius Studio / Candice Deturck



On his Instagram page, Cyril Lowet has written: “We were two weeks away from the new deadline and we decided to change all the plans for the floral decoration! No more raising the tables as high as possible. No more trying to reduce this huge and beautiful room with various floral arrangements. In short, at that very moment, it was a pastel autumn that took off!”

“It was impossible to ignore this work, so we decided to leave room for the giant origami to spread its wings, while suggesting the path to take using its so wonderful colours! To do this, it had to recognise us, let us be seen without cluttering it up and above all feel as light as it does!”

“Where do you think it’s headed? Back to a normal life and freedom? Looking after the hospitals? Or is it just going to continue the fight against the pandemic?” “In any case, we hope that it’s flight will fascinate you as much as we felt honoured to work alongside it!”


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