Masterpieces in the Castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire (France)

In October, the third edition of the event ‘Quand fleurir est un art’ (When floral design becomes an art) took place in France, in the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire. At this event, everything revolves around floral art. Grand floral creations were presented by renowned French and foreign master florists. Discover the photo gallery with the most beautiful floral arrangements now on our website!

The event ‘Quand fleurir est un art…’ in the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire (France) inspired floral designers to create some incredible floral artworks.

Charline Pritscaloff (France) stood out with her luminous octopus of orchids, carnations, Anthurium, clematis and pampas grasses. Tomas De Bruyne (Belgium) created a gigantic table centre piece. Rudy Casati (Italy) made you want to lie down in a 19th century bed. Frédéric Dupré (France) impresses with an odd collection: a still life on a table full of grasses, orchids, Cucurbitaceae and Pendula heliconiaim. Pascal Mutel (France) amazes you with a botanically overgrown salon, and finally Gilles Pothier (from France) made a plea for gender equality, with a vegetative dress and floral hairstyle on a male bust.

Discover all floral creations thanks to the beautiful photography by Eric Sander. Enjoy!

1. Charline Pritscaloff – Luminous octopus of flowers

2. Tomas De Bruyne – Table decoration

3. Rudy Casati – Floral 19th century bed

4. Frédéric Dupré – Table full of flowers

5. Pascal Mutel – Botanically overgrown salon

6. Gilles Pothier – A plea for gender equality


7. École de fleuristes de Paris


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