Mrs. Bouquet, lady of the royal house

Meghan Markle wore a bridal bouquet with a story at the time of her marriage to the British prince Harry, which was also much talked about.

The small, white wedding bouquet was carefully arranged by the London florist Philippa Craddock, in close consultation with the bridal couple Harry and Meghan. Every flower had a special meaning.

  • As a tribute to the late Princess Diana, the wedding bouquet was filled with forget-me-nots, the favorite flower of Prince Harry’s mother. Harry also picked flowers and some green from the garden of Kensington Palace, where Diana used to grow white flowers.
  • They had also chosen for myrtle, a small white flower that has been used in the wedding bouquets of British royals since 1858. The pieces of plants from Meghan’s bouquet come from a shrub once planted by Queen Victoria. Myrtle is also a symbol of love and hope.
  • Also in the bridal bouquet: jasmine, symbol for purity, simplicity, modesty.
  • The Duchess of Sussex expressed friendship and sensitivity with Lathyrus, also known as Sweet Pea. The seeds of the plant usually come from England and California, the respective birthplaces of Harry and Meghan.
  • The lily of the valley stands for love and appreciation.
  • The Astrantia is identified with courage and strength.
  • Plume Spirea symbolizes patience and dedication needed for a long and happy marriage.

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