MUST HAVE: New Book ‘International Floral Art’

The floral book ‘International Floral Art’ is a (bi-annual) anthology of the fantastic and inexhaustible possibilities with flowers. Each edition of International Floral Art is a cross-sectional look at the floral world: it is a synopsis of both up-and-coming and well-established designers. Edition 2021-2022 is a new highlight and proves that COVID-19 cannot stop creativity!

SPOTTED : Exclusive interview with the publisher

The new International Floral Art edition 2021-2022 is not a practical manual with step-by-step instructions, nor a themed book or a monograph of a particular floral artist. It is a depiction of very personal creations, phenomenally portrayed.

Add to this the international context, where people within the same discipline experience an identical universal floral language and you get a very exciting platform.

In the new Fleur Créatif summer issue we are talking with the driving force of International Floral Art, Jaak Van Damme, Publisher and CEO of the publishing house Stichting Kunstboek.

‘It must be said that the quality of the entries has in no way suffered from the pandemic. The creativity on display is again of a particularly high level; hats off to the wonderful, refined work that the selected floral artists presented. They truly are magicians.’

New in the Fleur Creatif Bookshop: International Floral Art 2021-2022. Free shipping if you order before 15 June 2021.
© EdithGuzman-Diaz Mexico_Bag, International Floral Art 2021-2022, Stichting Kunstboek

‘The trends in this new edition are noticeably more regional. Russian floral artists always offer quality, albeit with a dark touch and the Japanese remain masters in sophistication and craftsmanship. In addition to some strong creative types out of Belarus, in my opinion, the new headliners are in the Far East, with Singapore and Hong Kong as the creative hubs.’


The leading reference in the international world of floral art!

? Personal creations made by floral artists from all over the world
? Creativity of an exceptionally high standard
? Surprising projects from newcomers to masterpieces of established artists

€59,90 | Publication date: end of May 2021


Order before 15 June 2021 and get the book delivered to your home free of charge.
Available for our Fleur Créatif readers only.

New in the Fleur Creatif Bookshop: International Floral Art 2021-2022. Free shipping if you order before 15 June 2021.
© International Floral Art 2021-2022, Stichting Kunstboek

Find out more about this new floral book in the Fleur Creatif Bookshop.

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