Must See | Magical Christmas Designs with Lisianthus

It’s Christmas time! Inspired by Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’, four floral ladies from the Netherlands created a virtual Lisianthus Christmas Show, in cooperation with 2Dezign. The Lisianthus were wrapped up in a Christmas atmosphere by using five color palettes of shades that varied from traditional Christmas red and white to bold trendy shades such as dark blue and the new nude tones.

Lisianthus Christmas Show

Four leading floral designers put themselves to work with the beautiful Lisianthus: Hanneke Frankema, Geertje Stienstra, Tiffany van Lenten en Tineke Geerlings.

All kind of creations emerged. Large-sized floral arrangements but also small and fine ones, both hanging designs and table pieces. Decorative still lifes, complete candlesticks, bowls, a floral star for the wall and even an elegant bridal bouquet for a winter wedding.

Several styles are represented. From romantic to classic, but also contemporary, hip and trendy. In short, plenty of inspiration for all lovers of flowers and floral art!

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Lisianthus is originally a summer flower. However, developments do not stand still. Today, for example, the flower is produced in excellent quality all year round. The flower shapes became more varied and this goes from single to double and fringed. The colour palette is broad and almost all colours are represented.

The making off of the Lisianthus Christmas show is available on the following social media channels of 2Dezign.

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