Natallia Sakalova affords a glance behind the scenes of Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers

Within 3 weeks, the world will become acquainted with ‘Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers’, in the castle, the abbey and the crystal factory of Val Saint Lambert near Liège in Belgium. What can we expect? Natallia Sakalova affords a glance behind the scenes…

Natallia Sakalova is a renowned floral designer who was born in Russia but has been living in Belgium for years. Last year she earned a lot of applause and approval with her artwork ‘Hanging Gardens’ in the church of Alden Biesen during ‘Fleuramour – Passion for Flowers’ (see photo).



Chosen for wedding room

‘Hanging Gardens’ by Natallia Sakalova – Fleuramour – Passion for Flowers 2017

For the spring edition ‘Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers’ in Seraing, Natallia Sakalova will turn Val Saint Lambert’s wedding room into a magical setting. It was clear from the very outset that she would decorate this space.

“Flower arrangement has changed over the centuries, but the marriage traditions have remained unchanged”, she justifies her choice. “Whether you marry in a town hall or in a church, the couples who do not choose for a wedding bouquet and floral decorations remain rare.” “In addition, the flowers still match the style of the wedding ceremony and the personality of the bride. Sometimes a couple getting married chooses for less obvious flowers, but with most marriages you still see the same flowers: roses, hydrangeas, peonies, carnations, …


Playing with wedding traditions”

Sakalova will use the theme ‘Next Generation’ to break with all these marital traditions. She will work with geometric shapes and sober colors. You can admire the result yourself from 20 to 22 April in Val Saint Lambert, Seraing.

The lucky ones who will marry during the weekend of ‘Fleuramour – Crystal & Flowers’ will not be able to imagine a more beautiful location for a memorable photo shoot.

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