New chrysanthemum Ilonka by Dümmen Orange

Over the next few weeks, Dümmen Orange will launch the new chrysanthemum Ilonka as a successor to its top chrysanthemum Bacardi. The new flower is a chrysanthemum with pearly white petals and a fresh, green centre.

Chrysanthemum of the future

Bacardi topped the leaderboard in the single-flowered white segment for more than 16 years. That is something the Dümmen Orange team is very proud of. Now the R&D department of Dümmen Orange has developed a magnificent new cut flower: the chrysanthemum Ilonka.

“Ilonka offers the simple charm of an ox-eye daisy combined with the USPs of a top chrysanthemum. It is a flower that even took us by surprise. Ilonka passed our own trials with flying colours and did just as well in trials at growers. And the product has another great plus point: Ilonka is very easy to dye, with stunning results. When you add in all ornamental and innovation traits, it makes absolute sense for us to continue with Ilonka”, Peter Laurman (sales manager at Dümmen Orange) explains.

When can we expect Ilonka on the market?

The beautiful flower structure, the number of blooms, the impressive stem weight and the excellent shipping qualities of the new chrysanthemum Ilonka have prompted Dümmen Orange to carry out a major range update as early as this month.

Two Dutch master growers (Janssen Maasbree Flowers and Ed van Paassen, VannoVa) are already switching from Bacardi to Ilonka in between week 1 and week 9 of 2021. Sensation, an other Dutch grower, already started producing Ilonka in 2020 as the first nursery. “This means the supplies of Ilonka will be increased substantially by mid-May 2021 and that the already growing demand can be met. The bulk will go to the Eastern European market, including Poland, Russia, Hungary and Bulgaria.”, Laurman says.

Voluminous game changer

Dümmen Orange expects Ilonka to be a big hit in Western Europe as well. Its sheer volume of flowers makes it the ultimate bouquet booster for bouquets of any size. But Ilonka is also a wonderful enhancement in the natural-looking white and green bouquets and arrangements that are trending at the moment. Laurman: “We are expecting a lot from Ilonka; it’s a real game changer in white with a green centre.”

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Dümmen Orange represents a legacy of floricultural excellence more than a century in the making, providing the largest selection of superior flowers and plants on earth.

“By uniting the world’s top breeders under one distinctive brand, we blend traditional techniques and emerging technologies. Globally accessible and locally embedded, we continue to be at the forefront of our industry while bringing stability and opportunity to our partners and associates worldwide.”

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