NEW: Fleuramour VR-game & Future Prediction with Flowers

Combine the impressive castle domain of Alden Biesen in Belgium with 140,000 flowers and you will end up in a fairy tale setting during Fleuramour! But this year, there is much more to do.


Each year, more than 15,000 visitors are enchanted by these fenomenal flower decorations made with 140,000 flowers.

A 100 floral designers from around the world will engage around the challenging theme of ‘Back to the Future’.


  • Computer games and virtual worlds, you wouldn’t immediately link them to flowers. Still, they mix surprisingly well. Virtual Secret is a company that specializes in Virtual Reality games and they are coming to Fleuramour! Be sure to visit their stand and get lost in a virtual flower world…

  • Fleuramour’s theme is “Back to the future” and you can take that literally. During the flower event, you can have your future predicted by means of flowers! “I guide people in their personal development and bring them closer to themselves and their inner energy”, says Isabelle Blomme, lifecoach and hypnotherapist. Are you curious about your personal story? Be sure to visit Isabelle at Fleuramour. Who knows, maybe a great future is waiting for you…





  • On Friday 27 September 2019, Fleuramour will start with the traditional Hat Day. Design your most beautiful headgear with flowers and/or plants and wear it during the hat parade. Who knows, you might win first prize!

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