OUT NOW: Fleur Créatif Autumn 2019

Autumn is the season of ‘saying goodbye’. Nature slowly loses its colour and its leaves. We remember our dearly departed with beautiful autumn flowers. How can you better express your feelings than with flowers?

Thematically, we work with typical autumn products such as berries, nuts, autumn leaves… Our Fleur Créatif floral artists bring innovative mourning work with the new black floral foam from OASIS®.

Colours determine our lives and therefore we would like to introduce you to a special colour trend of this season: ‘Shell’. Nature is also a source of inspiration here, and all shades of green are instrumental to this.

Gregor Lersch remains one of our great sources of inspiration in the floral trade. He would like to tell you more about his philosophy of less is more.

Soft, sensitive and limited are counterweights to today’s abundance. Japanese flower arranging is pure art. Yuji Kobajashi, director of Geometric Green, lets you enjoy his creations and lets you discover his sources of inspiration.

We wish you a lot of autumn inspiration and look forward to welcoming you to Fleuramour!

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