Outstanding Floral Arrangements at ‘Koket Koksijde’ (BE)

A top event with amazing floral decorations. Take a look at the photo gallery of ‘Koket Koksijde’, a floral event organised at the end of September in Belgium. You’ll can’t get enough!

The town hall of Koksijde (Belgium) formed the unique decor for the 4th floral edition of ‘Koket Koksijde’ from 24 to 27 September 2021. Belgian and international florists’ teams brought masterly floral decorations to the event. This year’s theme? Flowers with taste, a reference to the gastronomy in the seaside resort.

Outside, you could admire floral ‘black boxes’, among other things. Each flower box was based on a cocktail. Have a look!

Photo Gallery N°1 | Black Boxes

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Besides the black boxes, there were numerous other floral masterpieces. Get inspired!

Photo Gallery N°2 | Floral Tables & Floral Art

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