Interview with Moniek Vanden Berghe

It’s autumn! During this season we like to stay indoors and get cosy at home. Yet we still feel the need to have flowers and plants around us. It’s time to bring nature indoors with this colourful floral arrangement by floral artist Moniek Vanden Berghe. We spoke to the designer about her floral work in the autumn edition of Fleur Créatif. Find out what inspires her, why she made certain choices and what characterises her as a florist.

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About pastelshades, late butterflies and a touch of green

This flower wreath is a little atypical. Is this your kind of style?

‘You won’t see me making a classic wreath any time soon. I feel at my best when I can create asymmetrically and intuitively. I also like to play with matching and contrasting items, movement and rhythms, and to look for a balance. That’s what I find so fascinating about floral arranging.

For my arrangement of the new Fleur Créatif edition, I chose to use an organic brown floral foam wreath as a base. During autumn there are many orange and brown colours on display everywhere. But it’s also a soft season; hence the pastel shades in the floral arrangement. The roses are the ideal colour palette to draw inspiration from and to achieve a range of hues. Moreover, you will also find them in the garden during this season. Also the Dahlia and Chrysanthemum are typical autumn flowers. The Vanda orchids swirl through it like late butterflies.’

We see a few green stems that immediately stand out in the work. Why did you do that?

‘That too is a reference to nature during this season. It’s not just dull, brown and orange. Like nature, the wreath still shows a touch of greenery. Here and there you can also see the brown colour of the foam. This is part of the composition and gives the work shadow in depth. Contrasts can be found in the round wreath shape and the vertical lines of the dry and fresh stems that pass through it.

Ecology is the new trend

Ecology is clearly a new trend in the sector. In the new Fleur Créatif edition, we focus on environmentally conscious and climate-friendly products. How do you feel about these new, ecological materials?

‘Everything that can contribute to a sector that is more environmentally friendly, I am completely supportive of. Paper packaging, compostable jars, materials that are less dyed, organic floral foam. Every little bit helps and together they can have a big impact. For me, it is important that we in the sector make an effort to make everything as sustainable as possible.’

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Ready, steady… Go!

We proceed step by step and explain how you can make this beautiful floral arrangement by Moniek herself. You can find all the steps in the autumn issue of Fleur Créatif. This issue is full of unique designs !

Good luck!

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