? Looking Back at Fleur Floral Fashion by Fleuramour

Missed the floral splendour at Fleur Floral Fashion? No worries! Enjoy the highlights of the floral exhibition in our large photo gallery. You’ll love it, promise!

Fleuramour looks back on a successful flower expo in Alden Biesen. Although the event was smaller and more limited than other years, the visitors were full of praise for the floral artworks in the castle. After a long wait, they could finally enjoy phenomenal floral designs in all kinds of colours and scents again. Especially for you, we made a nice photo gallery so that you can experience the floral art as well. Have fun!

Fairytale Flower Pond

Viky Vangampelaere and Mieke Hoflack had the honour to decorate the courtyard of the castle. The Belgian floral designers transformed the courtyard into a flower pond with roses, dahlias, chrysanthemums and carnations. Accompanied by the sound of splashing water and melodious music of Vangelis, it felt like a romantic fairy tale…

The result? A bunch of magnificent photographs!

‘The Power of Words’

The Romanian team of Ioachim Erema worked with different materials to create this rainbow design. Hundreds of woollen strings hung down from a metal frame no less than 4 metres long. Between these strings, visitors discovered numerous flowers in the same rainbow colours; gloriosa, freesia (sponsored by Royal FloraHolland), roses and other types of flowers adorned the arrangement. Last but not least, wooden letters hung down gracefully, forming words like ‘wow’, ‘love’ and ‘act’. All this together resulted in a wonderful composition named ‘The Power of Words’.

Classy Flower Display with Pink Orchids

Not only in the castle of Alden Biesen, but also in the surrounding area, Fleuramour created some fine floral works. For example this classy flower display at the Holiday Inn Hotel Hasselt designed by Belgian florist Jolien Vanderstappen. A true work of art, don’t you think? The display is made of air plant Tillandsia, Vanda flowers and Diplocyclos. All flowers are sponsored by Euroveiling.

‘The Rebirth of the Romanian Spirit’

Romanian florist Andreaa Stör and her team created a fluorescent light show in the castle’s cellars with flower bushes and traditional Romanian motifs. Particularly magical and enchanting!

Autumn Vibes in the Castle

Floral designer Els Vuylsteke created a beautiful autumn decor in the castle. Fallen leaves, forest mushrooms, moss, branches,… A birdsong could not be missing!

And much more!

See you next year!

Looking forward to next year’s edition of Fleuramour?
Save the date: 23 – 26 SEPTEMBER 2022

The international flower festival is turning 25 so we’ll celebrate with a big birthday party.
Stay tuned. Follow Fleuramour on Facebook and Instagram for quick updates!


Thanks to our partners
The freesias at Fleur Floral Fashion were sponsored by our partner Royal FloraHolland.

Royal Floral Holland

The flowers for the arrangement in the Holiday Inn Hotel Hasselt were sponsored by our partner Euroveiling.

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