Mmm… A Piece of Flower Tart !

Do you like a sweet piece of cake? This tart looks so yummy. This design with two fitting shapes, from Ivan Poelman, is perfect to say ‘I love you’ or – why not? – ‘Goodbye’ to a loved one.

What you need :

  • Pandanus, screw palm leaf
  • Cosmos bipinnatus, cosmos
  • Chrysanthemum, several different kinds
  • Rosa ‘Cupcake’ roses
  • Dahlia
  • Hydrangea macrophilla
  • Zinnia elegans, zinnia
  • Dianthus ‘Green Trick’, moss carnation
  • OASIS® Design Sheet
  • staples

How you make it :

  • Make a circular shape from the Design Sheet.
  • Cut a pie-shaped piece from the circle.
  • Wet the floral foam and staple the screw palm leaves to all exposed sides.
  • Insert the large flowers first and then fill in with the remaining flowers.
  • Decorate the slice with Hydrangea petals and a ‘Cupcake’ rose.
Flower Tart from Ivan Poelman ©Fleur Creatif







You will find more creations in the Autumn edition of Fleur Creatif !

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