Primula, welcome sign for spring

It’s almost spring! The Primula fits perfectly into this prospect, because this houseplant is spring in a pot with its colourful flowers and sturdy leaves. In short: the Primula is the perfect Houseplant of the month of February.

If you look at the Primula, officially known as Primula obconica, before you know it you will be singing a song or whistling a happy tune. The bright green, sturdy leaves and lively flowers will do that to you. This perennial spring flower flowers exuberantly in pink, red, white, purple, lilac or blue and is therefore the welcome sign for spring. Did you know that there is also an outdoor variety of this houseplant?

You can mostly find wild Primulas in the mountains of the northern hemisphere, with at least fifteen varieties in the European Alps. In the lower countries Primulas are often yellow because bees pollinate them, whereas in higher areas butterflies pollinate them, resulting in white, pink, blue or violet flowers. Well organized by Mother Nature.

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