Discover  our selection of floral art books full of superlatives by a true master in the floral arts Daniel Ost.

Daniel Ost was born in 1955  in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. When he was only in his twenties, he gained worldwide prises at a number of prestigious competitions. He has exhibited his creations, which he made for instance for Belgian Royal Household, in various countries throughout the world against a scenery of traditional building contrstructions.

His daring, refined and elegant style full of splendour, creates a beauty which is in balance with space and which attracts the spectator’s attention.  The hitherto publicised books in which his works are collected, have received several prizes, including, but not least, the silver medal at the exhibition ‘The most Attractive Book in the World’.

Daniel Ost moreover possesses a very deep knowledge of Japanese culture. He is knwon as an artist of great spirituality which he is able to bring together in the East/ West feeling for aesthetics.

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