Araik Galstyan. Festive Floral Designs


A monograph of the Russian master florist Araik Galstyan

> Founder of the Moscow International Floral Design School
> Awardee of a number of floristic contests in different countries
> With 60 inspiring floral designs

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Araik Glastyan – Festive Floral Designs: A monograph of master designer Araik Galstyan.

Several books about his work have already been published and the designer’s work was included in various collections, published in the Russian professional and amateur media and was shown on TV. But Araik’s inspiration keeps on flowing and there’s not a single moment when he’s not creating something beautiful.

Araik Galstyan’s designs are all made starting from the idea that every detail is equally important and that each flower or plant plays a huge role in the composition and the ideal result. And when you see his work, you understand the great power of beauty that Araik so generously shares with the world.

The Russian Masterflorist Araik Galstyan is the founder and lead floral designer of the Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design school. His pioneering spirit is not only reflected in his impressive school, but also in the constant search for inventive techniques and novel ideas. The hand of the master is revealed in the 60 awe-inspiring designs compiled in this monograph ‘Araik Galstyan. Festive Floral Designs’.

In less than 10 years, his school has grown into one of the biggest and most modern institutions for education in floral design His school attracts young talents from all over the world and brings forth some of today’s most promising designers. The quick rise of the school is not only speaking for Araik’s qualities as a mentor and tutor, but also for his professional and artistic drive. As floral artist, he constantly strives for perfection. Any design from his hand echoes the fleeting beauty of flowers, and even his commercial work is made with the utmost respect for the materials.


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Araik Galstyan






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