Hideyuki Niwa. Botanical Metamorphosis


A monograph by master florist Hideyuki Niwa

> Japanese floral art perfected
> Focus on the design process
> Attention to special features of plants and flowers


Hideyuki Niwa. Botanical Metamorphosis – Botanical Metamorphosis is Hideyuki Niwa’s second book and focuses on the design process that brings out and attracts attention to special features of plants and flowers that would otherwise go unnoticed. This process of ‘botanical metamorphosis’ developed over time, as the artist grew more and aware of the presence of flowers and plants. Hideyuki Niwa tries to capture the expression in flower heads, the movement – the ‘breathing’ – of leaves, the heart beating in the stems and the will of branches… but in order to bring out these characteristics and to enhance the charm of nature, it is necessary to ‘dismantle’ the original shapes, ‘reconstruct’ them and awaken their new beauty.

As always Niwa’s execution of the design and the placement of materials is flawless, bordering on perfection. The aim of his powerful designs and his mission as an artist is to create floral designs that tug at the heartstrings, inspire and enchant the viewer and create a lasting impression.

Surrounded by flowers from a very young age, the decision to become a floral designer was an obvious one for Japanese Hideyuki Niwa. At the age of 20 he graduated from Tokyo’s flower college and in the same year he got employed by Kamon Flower Gate Co Ltd; a great and fruitful environment for an artist eager to learn and develop.

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Weight 1,168 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24,5 cm

Hideyuki Niwa




96, bound


Kiyokazu Nakajima


Stichting Kunstboek


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