Fleur Créatif – Spring 2017


A lot of ideas with spring flowers!

Flower arrangements by Asahi So, Carles Fontanillas, Fred Verhaeghe & leerlingen PTI Kortrijk, Hilde De Mo, Ilse Palmaers, Ivan Poelman, Jan Deridder, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Nadine Van Acker, Rani Vermeulen, Timo Bolte, Tom De Wilde, Werner Crollet, Tomas De Bruyne, Floos, Emc,…

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In this edition a lot of ideas with spring flowers!

Spring is a pleasant change after a dark and gloomy winter. And yet… according to the trend Fade, spring is also characterised by the downside of the happy feeling. We strive to always be happy, but sometimes we have to deal with difficult moments and the downside of life… With fresh spring flowers, we would like to offer a counterweight against this dramatic spring and furnish a hopeful signal.

We put two spring flowers in the spotlight in this issue. On the one hand, the Helleborus that announces very early spring. Although this flower looks very fragile, it can even brave the snow and it is thus a harbinger of spring. On the other hand, anemones; real spring flowers. They are very elegant and give a particular graceful character to creations.

We all dive into spring with the theme ‘Easter Nest’. Nests are symbolic of new life. You find them in all shapes and sizes and our florists have also designed their own Easter nest. With cheerful buds we all get very creative. The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama takes us with her in her inspiring bulb and polka dot world.

Working with paper is back in vogue. The Australian florist, Asahi So, experimented with paper and flowers. We are proud to present him and also display flower arrangements with paper flowers.

We go to Vienna with Timo Bolte and we immerse ourselves in the Art Nouveau, but then translated into flowers.

As a bonus, we give you 5 tips with spring flowers in this issue. You will let the spring in in a very simple way.

Have a lot of reading- and flower arranging fun!


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The 4 seasons by Fleur Créatif: spring. Edition 1 2017


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