Fleur Créatif – Summer 2016


The summer is a feast of colours

With our summer trend ‘Garden‘, we dive straight into a colourful summer. The colours green, bright orange and ocean blue play the main role here. Our Fleur Creatief team produced, in addition to its own elected creation in the trend-setting colours, cute work pieces with paper and flowers.

Paper is back in fashion. You can find it in all different colours and prints and in different textures. Paper and flowers form a successful marriage.

Summer also means garden parties and therefore we introduce to you cut flower girls or fancy flowered hats to make a festive impression for the day. We will go to the sea to bring the colour blue into the spotlight. Here, we combine blue flowers like delphinium and Feathered Geranium with maritime elements like seashells and starfish.

Summer is the season of choice to get married. World famous master florist Gregor Lersch created a wide range of beautiful white flower bouquets in various forms. He is and remains a master of special techniques, shapes, symmetry and asymmetry, transparency and the search for balance. Whoever will get married will certainly find inspiration here.

This spring there were a lot of interesting competitions and exhibitions. We would like to look back on ‘The Feast of Amaryllis in Beloeil,’ on ‘Fleurs des Dames in Antwerp’ and on the European Championships in Genoa. Soon, we hope to see many of you again in Alden Biesen for the 21st edition of Fleuramour. We will give you a little peek behind the scenes.

Enjoy a flowery summer!

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In the summer edition 2016 of the wolrld’s floral design magazine Fleur Créatif you will find beautiful creations of Gregor Lersch, Geert Pattyn, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Rita Van Gansbeke, Els Vuylsteke, Fleur Dewaelsche, Hilde Verhelle, Carles J. Fontanillas &  the EMC school.

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