Fleur Créatif. Winter 2015


The winter is a season of contrasts. On the one hand nature is bare and stripped down. Snow and ice create cold and clear weather. On the other hand we are snugly inside and we settle down in the warmth and surround ourselves with cosy colours. This contrast can also be found in the creations. The themes transparency and icy winter create a typical winter design. Using the European trend ‘Cosy Cabinet’ we show designs using warm colours.

Typical winter flowers are Helleborus, Eucharis and Nerine.

Winter Moments with Flowers, out winter flower event in Bruges is on its way, and we are already looking forward to the newest winter creations and ideas of our floral designers.

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In the winter edition of Fleur Créatif 2015, you will find a lot of festive ideas for the end of the year. Decorations  by Adinda Sap, Birgit De Waele ,Brigitte Heinrichs ,Carles Fontanillas, Chiel Vanclee, Geert Pattyn, Greet Verheyden,  Gregor Lersch, Haruko Noda, Hendrik Olivier, Ilse Palmaers, Jan Deridder, Lize De Lameillieure, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Nico Canters, Régine Motmans, Sören Van Laer, Stijn Cuvelier, Stijn Simaeys, Tom De Wilde and Yves Moerman

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Edition 6 2015. Winter


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