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Fleur Créatif – 1 Year GIFT Subscription


Benefits of the gift subscription 🎁: 

> Festive gift card for an annual subscription with 6 magazines: Fleur Creatif – 4 editions & Fleur Creatif @ Home – 2 editions
> Free home delivery (postage & packing included)
> Free newsletters full of floral inspiration
> 5 % discount in the FLEUR bookshop
> Free admission to Fleuramour event in 2021

The first magazine of the gift subscription will be sent to the recipient together with a nice card.

The subscription can start at any moment.  

Current: Fleur Créatif Autumn 2021
Next: Fleur Créatif @ Home Special Autumn 2021

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Gift idea : 1 Year Fleur Creatif Subscription

Fleur Créatif is the world leading magazine for those with an interest in floral design and floral art. Every issue, master florists show you the latest trends and reveal flower arrangement techniques step by step. Choose the gift subscription 🎁 and spoil yourself or someone else with this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.


  • Never miss an issue
  • Direct delivery to your door every two months
  • Postage and packing costs included
  • 5 % discount on books in the FLEURSHOP.
  • Free admission to the Fleur Créatif event Fleuramour (September 2021, Castle grounds Alden Biesen, Belgium). Please note! Confirmation of your arrival is required! More info in the autumn issue of Fleur Creatif Magazine.

An annual subscription to Fleur Creatif Magazine consist of 6 editions:

  • One magazine per season
  • Two themed magazines  (Fleur Creatif @ Home)

The subscription can start at any moment.

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