Fleur Créatif – Autumn 2020 [digital]


The world of flowers!

> More than 80 pages full of floral inspiration
> Creamy white autumn
> Product in the spotlight: Physalis
> A look back at 24 years Fleuramour
> Mysterious floral hairstyles

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So much more than a season of swirling leaves, berries and fruits

In this digital edition, the masters of the art of floral arranging are truly inspired with their creations around the typical autumn themes. Their daily activities with flowers and floral arranging materials and new trends ensure that they continue to surprise and innovate with their creations, even though they use the same materials again and again.

But we also want to show you an unfamiliar side of autumn. White is not really a typical autumn colour, but still there are very nice white flowers and materials available. Think of white dahlias and chrysanthemums in all kinds of shapes, white berries and fruits… So creamy-white autumn became one of our themes. In this issue we also start working with less obvious and/or less well-known
materials. How about a cactus creation or a bowl made from chestnut burrs?

In total, we’re getting to work on five flower themes:

❀ Creamy white autumn
❀ Autumn is cabbage season
❀ Physalis in the spotlight
❀ Trend: Ecology
❀ Being creative with special materials

Furthermore, in this autumn edition, we look back at 24 years of Fleuramour. We offer you an overview of some remarkable ‘court of honour creations’ and we look forward to the jubilee in 2021. We also introduce you to a number of participants of the European Championships, with a very special mention for Marianna Debchinskaya. She designed a calendar showcasing twelve mysterious floral hairstyles.

This issue brings floral arrangements of: Céline Moureau • Damien Thuaud • Dylan Decamp • Geert Pattyn • Marianna Debchinskaya • Martine Meeuwssen • Moniek Vanden Berghe • Sören Van Laer

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The 4 seasons by Fleur Créatif, autumn 2020. Edition 4.






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