Fleur Créatif @ Home – Autumn 2022 (Digital)


130 pages of creative ideas

  • > for a warm autumn and a festive winter
  • > by Annickk Mertens, Charlotte Bartholomé, Martine Meeuwssen and Damien Overputte
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Let’s Cherish Nature

“The news reports are not that positive: war, energy crisis, shortage of water, climate change. All those things are certain to have a major impact on our sector, but the outcome is still uncertain. Will the growers be able to heat their greenhouses? Should they switch to cold crops? Will production be shifted to warmer regions? Should we move on to fewer and more expensive products?

We are confronted with the facts and realise that we have been a bit too greedy with our energy and our environment. We need to learn to deal more consciously with what surrounds us. This certainly also applies to nature, flowers and plants. It is extremely important to protect nature as much as possible. Flowers and plants that we bring into our living rooms must be cherished and cared for. Their value increases!

Could you imagine an autumn without flowers or parties without decorative floral arrangements? We all need flowers and plants. They make life so much more beautiful and engaging. Our Fleur@Home floral artists bring a whole range of fun ideas in this issue to decorate the living room and the end-of-year parties. Now it’s up to us to take care of those flowers and plants as much as possible so that we can enjoy them as long as possible!” An Theunynck


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