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The most beautiful, inspiring Lebanese weddings are annually compiled in the book “Floral Wedding Designs”. Expect extraordinary weddings, decorated by talented Lebanese floral designers and wedding planners. From table decorations and bridal bouquets to the entrances of the church: each creation is put in the spotlight from top to bottom.

More than 500 powerful, high-quality pictures of the arrangements identify the trends and highlights of the year. But “Floral Wedding Designs” is not just a book of inspiration. In addition to the inspiring photos, it contains a wealth of useful information. The matching colour palettes are discussed for each theme and each style. Thus, a feast for the eyes, but also a handy guide.

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“Floral Wedding Designs” is a yearly book created by Maha Maalouf with the partnership of Lebanese Florists and Wedding planners.

This lavishly illustrated book showcases Luxurious, Classic, Modern, Bohemian and Country style concepts, and includes more than 500 High res colored photographs of close up photos and wide images of the arrangements. From the Centerpieces to the church entrances, the bridal bouquets. Inclusive the palette color that goes with every theme as well as the style.

In this book they showcase the trendiest floral designs of the year in Lebanon. So far they published three books; the last one was published on December 2016. Every book includes more than ninety different themes that they photograph during the wedding season (May till October). From the Centerpieces to the church entrances, the bridal bouquets,they present full close-up and wide images of the floral arrangements (They also set the palette color the goes with every theme as well as the style).

In Lebanon no bride will accept to have a common wedding; they all aim to have a unique, customized and stunning decoration for their big day. You can notice in the book that every turn of a page you are transferred into a different wedding theme with a floral decoration that goes with that theme.

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