Funny Style – Hiroto Inoue


Fascinating designs with a perfect balance between structure and spontaneity.

The Japanese floral artist Hiroto Inoue creates solid backgrounds that place the spotlight on sometimes a single flower. He uses the smallest and most inconspicuous of materials such as blades of grass, orchid roots, strips of bamboo, wood veneer and above all, paper. This is his first monograph.

! Language: English/Japanese


Funny Style – Hiroto Inoue

Japanese floral artist Hiroto Inoue, whose delightful charm and witty nature earned him the nickname ‘Funny’ in the floral design universe, excels in creating intricate geometric designs and compositions that often seem to defy gravity. his floral creations pair an incredible sensitivity with impeccable technique and testify of his boundless love of nature as well as his inner gentleness.

In his new book ‘Funny Style’, Hiroto Inoue constructs solid and firm backdrops for his flowers with the thinnest and humblest of materials: slender blades of grasses, orchid roots, slivers of bamboo, strips of wood veneer and especially paper.

These fascinating, carefully constructed backgrounds are adorned with few or just one single flower. It results in innovative designs that perfectly balance manmade and natural materials, structure and spontaneity.

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Dimensions 33 × 24,5 cm

Hiroto Inoue


Japanese, English




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