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In Interior Emotions, Life 3 show the general public what they can do and how floral objects are just like any other art object in an Interior.

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Looking at international trends and tendencies we see a growing interest and need to personalize our interiors. Interiors being all from commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, foyers as well as private homes. It?s a fairly unexplored field with great possibilities. We show the general public what we can do and how floral objects are just like any other art object. We want to create some awareness and a need for our designs. We hope this book can be a platform for inspiration to professional as amateurs florists, who shows some idea?s, possibilities of combinations and brings a passion to start from. Interior decorations simply brings a human dimension into our interiors. Flowers bring color, scents, feelings and life into any interior. They can strengthen the interiors theme, style and expression. In the same way they can strengthen the personality of a home or a person. Communication in several dimensions makes our message stronger. And finally it is scientifically proven flowers make us happier!

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Life 3: Per Benjamin (S), Tomas De Bruyne (B), Max van de Sluis (NL)


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33 x 24.5 cm – HC


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