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Mit Ingelaere compiled the book ‘Poetical Ikebana’ together with a team of Ikebana connoisseurs in which the haiku and the unique floral art, both from Japan, converge perfectly. After a short introduction about the different Ikebana schools, the floral work gets discussed.

The natural works of art cover approximately 200 pages, some accompanied by a haiku, others impressive by themselves. Flowers artists from all over the world took part in this project, even with works from Russia, Zimbabwe, Australia and the United States. The accompanying haikus give a verbal meaning to the compositions and thus offer a great deal of inspiration for one’s own work. A jewel for the bookshelf!

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The combination of Ikebana and haiku is a more than successful one. The similarities between the arts go far beyond their Japanese origins. The seductive simplicity of haiku, its subtleties and sparse use of words, its silences and depth of meaning, its rhythms and seasons… these are only some of the characteristics that haiku shares with Ikebana. Both Ikebana and haiku have the power to move people.

They evoke emotions using material that has carefully been trimmed of the superfluous. Their minimalism is convincing and reveals the essence. They manage to hold our gaze and temporarily slow down our daily rhythm. Both Ikebana and haiku invite us to see more than what the visible world has to offer. Members of the centre for poetry in Ghent, led by Hedwig Aerts, made a selection of their favourite traditional haiku by master poets such as Basho, Issa and Shiki.On the occasion of this book, they also created some new personal haiku.

Poetical Ikebana is the floral translation of traditional haiku by master poets, a collection of evocative floral design that stirs the senses and touches the heart.

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