The Bouquets of Chenonceau


By the house floral artists of the castle of Chenonceau in the French Loire Valley

  • > floral creations, grouped by season
  • > list of the flowers and green materials used
  • > a beautiful coffee table book


After twenty years running his own flower shop in Saint-Avertin (France), florist Jean-François Boucher-Odent was ready for a new adventure. He decided to follow his heart and to focus on his personal art and passion. And where better to chase a dream, then in a fairytale castle?

Since 2015, Jean-François Boucher-Odent is the house floral artists of the Castle of Chenonceau, one of the many fabulous castles in the French Loire Valley. Together with his team, he takes care of the flower arrangements that adorn the many rooms of the castle. Like the furniture pieces and works of art, this ‘directed’ floral flower work interprets the history of the castle. The designs are in perfect harmony with the interior, the decoration, the colour code, the function and even the scents of the rooms. They are a nod to poetry, art or illustrious events that took place in the castle.

The floral creations, grouped by season, were beautifully portrayed and come with a list of the flowers and green materials used. Les Bouquets de Chenonceau (The Bouquets of Chenonceau) is a beautiful coffee table book that will appeal to both history lovers and florists.


Additional information

Weight 1,367 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24,5 cm

Château de Chenonceau, Jean-François Boucher


English, French


128, hardcover


Didier Ronflard


Stichting Kunstboek


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