Manabu Hashiguchi. The Wreath


A monograph of floral artist Manabu Hashiguchi.

> A collection of seasonal wreaths
> More than 90 pages of inspiration
> Beautyfully photographed floral designs


Manabu Hashiguchi. The Wreath

The wreath is Japanese floral artist Manabu Hashiguchi’s preferred floral shape. Its symbolism is universal. With no beginning or end, the wreath represents eternity and the endless processes in nature.

Hashiguchi’s graceful designs look so natural as if there has been no artist’s hand involved and nature by accident created the shapes. The humble materials get all chances to shine and tell their story.

In this book ‘Manabu Hashiguchi. The Wreath’, the Japanese floral artist Manabu Hashiguchi presents a collection of seasonal wreaths that balances the fine line between classic floral art and land art. Manabu’s designs are so natural and flawlessly elegant; one would forget that an artist had a hand in their creation.

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Manabu Hashiguchi






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