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The title of the book ‘UPROOTED’ has not been chosen by chance: Mike Hines wanted to compile a book which went beyond mere flowers. His book had to touch the human life experience at the core. Because, as he explains: ” ‘UPROOTED’ life is, according to me, to live with courage, creativity, amazement and cheerfulness. When I presented the title ‘UPROOTED’, the designs followed naturally. The root plays a central role: after all, it is at the origin of most designs. The root forms the initial stage of the natural growth process from root to flower. Moreover, I find most roots very beautiful. In addition, they are excellent material to use in floral arrangements. That is why I wanted to put them in the spotlight.”

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The American flower artist Mike Hines is an experienced professional. He has been around the flower industry for twenty years or the “brotherhood of creatives whom uses flowers and plants as their medium for innovation and art,” as he describes it. In 2001, he participated in establishing the business ‘epoch.floral’ in Chicago. ‘Epoch.floral’ has not only conquered the United States, but also exotic destinations like Hawaii and Dubai yielded to the rebel from Chicago.

‘UPROOTED’ is not the kind of inspirational book for floral art that you would expect. Hines’ style is described as masculine, strong, dark and melancholic. A style that has been revived in the deepest, darkest depths of the night long before the sunrise. That style also characterizes his ‘UPROOTED’. It is a compilation of original floral designs in a delicate composition of concepts with organic paint strokes and artistic masculinity. The book contains expressive photographs that are coming from photographer Doug Human.

A book is good, but a signed book is even better!

That is why the copy you will recieve is signed by Mike Hines

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