Rebecca Louise Law: A Passion for Natural Change

Colossal floral artworks, sculpted with copper wire, which evolve as nature develops. Obviously, we are talking about Rebecca Louise Law. The British installation artist is best known for artworks made with natural materials, namely flora.

“It is because of my passion for natural change and preservation that my creations have the chance to evolve,” says Law. “The physicality and sensuality of my creations play with the relationship between man and nature.”

The Beauty of Decay

Change in colour and shape

The artist works with fresh or dry flora and allows the work to change naturally. “When people come to visit my work regularly, they can really witness the change in shape, form and colour,” she says.

Large-scale works of art are always location-specific. They are designed with space, local culture and the patron in mind. When a work of art is required in short term, Law always considers the future of the natural material.

Helipterum Sanfordii

Admiration without time pressure

In the book Life in Death (published by Royal Botanic Gardens) you can find an extensive collection of Law’s work. “I like to capture and cherish small, beautiful, natural objects to create a work of art that can be observed without the pressure of time. Preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of the Earth with the world is what drives me,” says Law.

Curious about her work? Then be sure to take a look at her site:

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