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In floral art, there are a lot of techniques to learn. There are different styles and visions within the profession. Floral arranging is not just turning an idea into a creation, but it is also thinking big and decorating large spaces, parties and events with flowers. In Fleur Creatif Spring we showcase the Daniel Ost Academy, one of the major international schools.

Time for a new challenge

Daniël Ost is a world-renowned master of floral arts. He has recently turned 65, and the time is right to share his knowledge with talented students. In February 2020, Daniël Ost started the Daniel Ost Academy (Belgium).

‘I wanted to slow things down a bit, but that doesn’t mean that I wanted to completely stop working. Now I’m more interested in passing on my knowledge and experience. I know that passionate and driven floral artists, both nationally and internationally, are craving expertise and I want to support them in this. That’s why I started the Daniel Ost Academy’, he explains.

Must read in the Fleur Creatif spring issue: Daniël Ost and the Daniel Ost Academy. A full article about the floral artis and his major international school.
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And who doesn’t want to learn from the very best? With over 40 years of experience at the highest level, Daniël Ost has been teaching floral art his entire life. It comes to no surprise that many of the promising next generation florists – including his own daughter Nele – have learned the ins and outs from the master himself.

The brand new Daniel Ost Flower Academy, completely owned and operated by the Belgian Flower House, provides lessons for professional florists who want to take their skillset to the next level. Amateur floral arrangers also get the chance to take a course at the Daniel Ost Academy. This is an exceptional opportunity to share your passion with the internationally experienced Master!

More than just learning techniques and copying designs

The lessons are given by Daniël Ost and one of his loyal assistants and take place in Daniël’s private country house in Belgium. During the course you will learn first-hand a variety of styles and techniques. ‘Of course the Daniel Ost Academy utilises model designs to present and teach techniques’, Daniël says. ‘But this is definitely not the main intention of the school’.

‘A copy should always be better than the original, because you’re already one step ahead.’ Daniël wants to stimulate the creativity of the students and bring out the best in them.

‘I want to bring the focus back on the philosophy of the profession: how do you create aesthetics? How do you make nature even more beautiful? Technique and craftsmanship are the tools of creating beauty.’

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